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With every truck owner trying to do something different it is hard to stand out. A well-executed modification or a well-chosen combination of tricks can be enough to set one truck apart from of the pack. Here are some trucks we chose that grabbed our attention.
From every angle, this Nissan looks perfect. Packed with enough sound power to blow the roof off, we think this truck exemplifies what a mini-truck should be.

We think this crew cab dually deserves your attention. The smooth burgundy paint, two-tone leather interior, and a well-executed body drop are just a few of the things that make this truck unique.

Although this S-10 may look fairly plain on the outside, take a look inside and you will be surprised. This truck has one of the best designed and executed interiors that we have seen in a long time.

A well-thought out suspension is something we don't see very often. But this Dodge Ram shows some serious planning. The multi-link design uses cantilevered airbags and provides the rigidity needed for a real race truck.

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