Spring California Truck Jamboree
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The first big West Coast show of the season is undeniably the Spring California Truck Jamboree. This year the event moved to Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, California. Thousands of enthusiasts gathered as temperatures rose swiftly into the 70's, while plenty of music, contests, prizes, and food kept them happy, this show was like a giant outdoor party. And don't forget the trucks! This year turned out to be the largest turnout ever in the 6 year hisotry of the show. It's a fairly common opinion that sport truck trends are set by the West Coast, and this event is the place to be to see the latest styles and trends.
Live music from Izzy Swift kept the park rockin', while the frozen T-shirt contest, and the ever-popular bikini contest pleased the crowds.
What's the story this season? It seems like every full-size was wearing 20-inch rims, and clear taillights showed up on just about every make and model truck. Airbags could be found on at least two out of every three trucks, outnumbering hydraulics by far. This season, race style interiors were catching on fast, bringing gobs of carbon fiber, roll bars, and race-style bucket seats into several trucks. And who could miss the paint trends? Scallops, flames, stripes, and platters covered some trucks, while new pearescent and metallic paints covered others in monochromatic style. Some chose the bright yellow, orage, and green hues, while others stuck to conservative, yet handsome shades of black, burgundy, or blue.
Several vendors brought along trucks and models to promote their products. It looks like the ladies managed to get all the attention.
There were more sport utility vehicles and vans on display than ever before, with the new Lincoln Navigators being the most prominent (not to mention the most expensive).

Body dropped trucks were also out in high numbers, with no less than 4 body-dropped crew cab duallies, along with several other body dropped examples of full-size trucks and dozens of body dropped mini-trucks.

The trucks were literally crammed in all over the park.
Every vendor imaginable was on-hand at this event, from California Custom USA, Ballistic Motorsports, Master Image Customs, West Coast Customs, Stitchcraft, and dozens more familiar names were showing their products and trucks.
West Coast Customs was showing off their super-fast nitrogen-charged airbags on this late-model Toyota 4-runner.
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