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'98 Event Coverage
Mini-Truckin' Nationals
9th Annual Original Southern Mini-Truckin' Nats '98
July 10-12, 1998
Allen Buchanan


Summer in the South is extremely hot this year and on Friday, July 10, Pigeon Forge, TN was no exception. Pigeon Forge is nestled in the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains. It is a town of hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, water slides, go-kart tracks, music theatres, outlet malls, car museums and auto shows.

The official name for this event was the Ninth Annual Original Southern Street Machine Mini Truckin' Nationals & the Southeast Mini Truckin' Nationals II - Music Road Hotel, Pigeon Forge, TN. The owners of the original Southern Mini-Truckin' Nats had seperated and the wife got the show. Somewhere else in Pigeon Forge, unannounced to many, the husband was hosting his own Southeast Mini-Truckin' Nationals.

There was a  surprizing number of sport compact cars and full-size trucks in attendance; more than ever before, and more than anyone expected. Needless to say, many die-hard mini-truckers were upset. Cruising with sport compacts and full-sizes wasn't really a problem, but most of them also entered the show. Further compliants were made about the lack of parking and no Mazada class.

Aside from all the problems, Pigeon Forge was full of mini-trucks; they were everywhere! Trucks were brought to the Music Road Hotel parking lot to clean, to show, and to be judged. Many outrageous paint schemes were on hand from checkered flags to racing stripes to wild colors cris-crossing in an array of vibrant colors.

Late Saturday afternoon and evening was an especially a good time. Whether you where there to see or be seen, mini-truckin' was definitely the main event! Pigeon Forge's main drag is 6 lanes wide, and clubs parked their rides along this stretch in every spot available.
Hydraulic demonstrations, booming stereos and burnouts occurred in the street all afternoon. As dusk began to fall, the neon began to glow. Now, let's take a look at some of the trucks from this year's Mini-Truckin Nationals!

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