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AIRAID Installation

Installing the Hump Hoses and Airaid Tube

AIRAID InstallationMount the 3.5 x 3-inch hump hose reducer to the Throttle Body and secure it using the hose clamps provided, and tighten. The 3.5 x 3.5-inch hump hose is attached on to the M.A.F. sensor and also needs to be tightened. Looking at the under-side of the AIRAID tube, locate the small center hole, approximately 7/16-inches in diameter. This is where the rubber grommet will be inserted and the location where we will plug in the A.I.T. sensor.

AIRAID Installation

AIRAID Installation Now we're nearing the final stages of the installation. Carefully slip the Airaid tube into the hump hose ends, align the tube for best fit, and tighten the remaining hose clamps. Then go back to the M.A.F. bracket and backing plate and tighten the bolts for the final fitment.
Re-connect the A.I.T. sensor wire back to its wire harness at the engine.

AIRAID InstallationNext connect the valve cover breather and Idle Control Solenoid using the provided 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch hoses. The 5/8-inch diameter black hose will be connected from the AIRAID tube directly to the driver side valve cover using the factory fitting on the valve cover. (For better fitment, connect it to the valve cover first, and then cut off the excess after it is routed up to the AIRAID tube). Use the plastic ratchet clamps to secure the hose at both ends.

AIRAID InstallationNow use the 3/4-inch diameter hose to connect the I.C.S. controller using the same method described above. With the 5.4 engine you may need to trim a little off the hose for best fitment. Our 4.6 liter engine did not need any trimming of this hose.


The Finishing Touches

AIRAID InstallationDouble-check the work area and make sure there are no foreign objects in the intake path. Then install the supplied K&N air filter by attaching it to the end of the M.A.F. bracket by the driver side inner fender. Now reinstall the factory throttle body cover with the three 10mm bolts removed earlier.

Be sure to reconnect the negative battery cable and tighten. Now check that all your tools are out of the engine compartment, and that you haven’t forgotten anything. Now it’s time to fire that bad boy up and see some positive results.

AIRAID Installation AIRAID Installation


Our Evaluation

Once we completed the installation of our new AIRAID Intake from Evergreen Performance, we wanted to put it to the test. Right when we cranked the motor over, there was a noticeable gain in throttle response just sitting in the shop. We rolled out of the shop and put it on the road. AIRAID Installation Right from the first stop light, we could not only feel the power gain, but see it in tire smoke as well. The bottom end acceleration was tremendous, and it pulled all the way through the powerband. Gas mileage seems to have picked up slightly along with our new freeway passing power. The end results in power and throttle response on our factory 4.6 liter Ford were very noticeable at all RPM's. Basically, the new AIRAID intake system packs a serious punch for it’s buck. If you don’t have one on your Ford yet, what are you waiting for?




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