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AIRAID Installation

AIRAID InstallationBegin the Installation

Before you start, be sure to disconnect the negative battery cable to ensure not only your safety, but also the safety of your vehicle. Once the battery has been disconnected, we can now start the removal of our existing intake system.


AIRAID InstallationRemoving the factory Air Cleaner Assembly

Using a 10mm socket, we can remove the three 10mm bolts holding the throttle body cover. Next we need to loosen the factory hose clamps that secure the throttle body and air filter housing using a 5/16-inch socket.


AIRAID Installation After loosening the two clamps, remove the crankcase breather hose from the air cleaner assembly and from the valve cover. This hose will be replaced later during the installation with one provided with the AIRAID intake system.
AIRAID Installation On our 4.6 liter engine we need to disconnect the I.C.S. (Idle Control Solenoid) hose which we will later reinstall into our AIRAID tube. (Note that on a 4.6 liter engine the I.C.S. hose is removed and replaced with one included in the kit).
AIRAID InstallationOnce the hoses have been disconnected, you need to carefully disconnect the A.I.T. (Air Intake Temperature) wire from the sensor in the factory air tube. You will have to gently pry this sensor out of the tube, being careful not to damage it. We will insert this back into the new AIRAID tube later.

Now that everything is disconnected, lift the airtube out of the engine compartment and place it on the work bench or counter area. This is the best place to carefully remove the A.I.T sensor from the tube. Taking our time, we noticed that it works best when you work it from side-to-side.


AIRAID InstallationM.A.F Removal and Reinstallation

Next you will need to unplug the M.A.F. (Mass Air Flow) meter harness form the engine harness. (This is located down by the factory air cleaner, toward the front frame rails). Pull the air filter release bracket and remove the air filter assembly from the engine compartment. After removing the factory filter assembly, you need to separate the M.A.F. from the assembly by carefully disconnecting the wiring harness attached to the M.A.F. and the four 10mm bolts that attach it to the lid.

AIRAID InstallationUsing the four nuts and bolts provided by AIRAID, bolt the M.A.F. sensor onto the supplied bracket/filter adapter. Now that the M.A.F. has been bolted to the supplied bracket we will bolt it onto the original air cleaner mounting location using the supplied backing plate and bolts. Leave this bracket a little loose for final adjustments once the entire unit has been installed. Be sure to plug the M.A.F. wire harness back into the engine wire harness, then you’ll be ready for the next step.


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