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This 1995 S-10 Super Sport belongs to Eric from Bel Air, Maryland. For those who frequently visit the Tech Forum, you may know Eric as 95SS. From the factory, the S-10 SS powerplant is the L35 4.3liter Vortec V6 engine which pours out 191hp and 260 ft-lbs of tire twisting torque. This engine is in front of the 4L60E four speed auto transmission which throws the power into a limited slip differential that houses 3.42:1 gears to make this one quick truck. The stiff ZQ8 sport suspension and the 215/65R15 BFG Comp TA tires sitting on light-weight aluminum rims give it the traction and handling of some sports cars. Eric says it also makes two long, black tire marks on the road on demand. Since Eric wasn't satisfied with the stock performance of the truck, he managed to do some upgrades as well as plan out some modifications for the future.

Eric fabricated his own ram-air system including a K&N FilterCharger. The sparkplugs were upgraded to to AC Delco Rapid Fires, and a Stant heavy-duty 180-degree thermostat replaced the 195-degree factory unit. Then the IAT (intake air temp) sensor was moved for cooler incoming air temperature readings. Eric wanted to liven up the already sporty suspension, so he swapped in Addco urethane sway bar bushings up front. Eric then installed a three-chamber Flowmaster muffler and has one thing to say about it, "What a rush! That sound is music to my ears!" Final touches include window tinting and GTS Vent Guards.

Eric is nowhere near done with his truck. His future plans include an after-market ignition system (probably MSD6A series) with better plug wires, along with under-drive pulleys to squeeze every bit of power out! A Supertuner2001 hand held programmer is on the list to give his ODB2 computer a shot in the arm, which will really help reap the benefits of his current engine modifications as well as any future ones like Edelbrock exhaust headers and a high-flow catalytic converter. The rear of the truck will get a large anti-sway bar with urethane bushings.

And sport truck fans rejoice, Eric was bitten by the billet bug and seems to be craving pavement; he already wants to jump up to 17-inch rims with wider BFG tires, and drop the suspension 2-inches front, and 3-inches rear.

You can catch Eric at his web site dedicated to his truck, as well as on the Tech Forum.

Eric C.
Bel Air, Maryland
[email protected]

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