'96 C-1500 from Denmark

If you think that lowered trucks are just an American occurance, think again. Custom trucks exist on the opposite side of the globe. In fact, your a staring at a fine example from Denmark, Europe. The truck belongs to Sune and his twin-brother Ronni Andreasen. In Denmark, high taxes make cars extremely expensive. But Sune and Ronni were posed with a very interesting dielemma. Their choice was between two lousy cars or one wild lowrider. Their answer was simple, "Lowride - or no ride!"
The two purchased their '96 Chevrolet C-1500 truck last September for 250.000 DKR. That translates to about $35,500 US dollars. If you think the truck was expensive, you probably have not even considered gas. Sune tells us that gas in Denmark, "is almost 4 bucks a gallon!" So mabye you can understand why Sune and Ronni, both 22 years old, decided to split up the costs. A fine American import is something they had to have, even if it meant they share the expenses and the truck.
But an American truck wasn't enough for these two, they also wanted a lowrider. So the truck was slammed to the ground using finest American components, a Belltech 4/6 drop kit.

The rear frame rails were notched and reenforced with a C-section to allow more axle travel, while the front 2-inch drop springs were shortened even further for a smooth, low ride.

But the low ride wasn't enough, so they decided to add in a hydraulic system from Mooneyes.

The hydraulics consist of 4 cylinders, one mounted in each corner of the truck. Two pumps control the juice, one for the front and one for the rear of the truck. Each cylinder in the back of the truck is mounted to the rear end of each leafspring. This allows a smooth ride at all heights. The front cylinders are mounted on top of the coil-springs, also yeilding a smooth ride and height adjustibility. The two pumps are running at 24 Volts, and are powered by Four 12 Volt batteries.

With the suspension to their liking, the twins moved on to the 350 cubic-inch V8 engine. It received a Competition Cams performace camshaft and chromium-plated cylinder heads. The stock exhaust system was exchanged for a set of headers by Hedman Hedders and a custom dual exhaust. Once the truck got its horsepower upgrade, it was on to the exterior for a sport truck makeover.

The '96 Chevy front was been replaced by what Sune considers to be a smoother-looking GMC front fascia with a custom billet grille. The front bumper, tailgate handle, and stake pockets were all shaved to continue the smooth look. Then the rear roll pan was molded into the rear of the truck and the factory mirrors were replaced with Street Scene Cal-Vu mirrors. A fiberglass bedcover was added to complete the smooth look. All the exterior parts, including the bumper, bedcover, antenna, mirrors, and wipers were all painted to match the truck.

The final custom appointments were made in the interior. They include buttery-soft leather bucket seats, and a custom center console to house the hydraulic control panel.

The boring factory steering wheel was tossed and replaced with a polished aluminum Gullwing steering wheel from Boyds.
To complete the custom look, 17-inch Boyds Deuce Ninja wheels were added. The polished billet aluminum rims measure 17x7-inches in the front, wearing 215/45/17 Toyo tires, and 17x8-inches in the back with 255/40/17 tires.
In Denmark, Sune and Ronni are also known as Trayzr and Angelo. They cruise their one-of-a-kind and very rare lowrider around the narrow, windy streets of Denmark. Most locals who encounter this wild creation may call it crazy, but to Trayzr and Angelo, it's the "Green Mean Machine," and it's "Lowride or no ride!"

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