Winter Show '98

What is it with these crazy Californians having shows in the middle of Winter? Even though the El Niño effect has taken most of the west by storm, yet for at least a few days, the sun still sines in Southern California. Pick a Saturday morning for a little show outside a California custom shop, and you can be fairly sure the rain won't ruin your day.

Take this West Cost Customs show for example. Several clubs and independents came to show off what they're working on this Winter. Some took on new projects, while others just brought out last year's proven winners. Add to those trucks several more trucks and cars created by West Coast Customs, and you have yourself quite a large gathering, and a pretty fine show. The attitude was laid back, but just formal enough for judging and prizes.

The sun was out all day long, and temperatures were in the 70's. How can that be? This is the middle of Winter! Maybe the show season dosen't stop for Winter... or is it only our imagination? Maybe it's just California, or maybe there is some higher force involved. Call if the Drop God if you will, but somebody's watching over and keeping the rain away from these shows.

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