- Spring California Truck Jamboree 1999

7th annual Spring California Truck Jamboree
Sunday May 16, 1999

Held at Hidden Valley Park, the location provided the perfect setting for the event: a mixure of grassy fields, pavement, shade tress, and water. But it isn't the California Truck Jamboree without the wild West Coast rides -- and the grounds were jammed. They were filled with the craziest custom trucks of the West.

In addition to the hundreds of custom trucks on display, several vendors, manufacturers, and shops brought out their latest products and creations. There was also a large display of mobile audio equipment. Each manufacturer presented its own examples of the latest in multimedia, including automotive PC applications, in what else but custom trucks and SUV. If that wasn't enough to satisfy, there was live music, contests, plenty of food, drinks, a bikini contest, and dB drags.

With so much to see and do, the one day event was filled with excietment. And won't leave you hanging! Check out the next 29 pages. You will find 171 pictures from the show.

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