Resolutions '98

January 2-4, 1998
Temecula, CA.

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For most truck enthusiasts, it is an undeniable and agonizing fact that there are not many truck shows during the cold winter months. But in sunny Southern California, where the weather is almost always mild, shows can be held year round. Without snow to worry about, there is no reason to put your custom truck away for the winter! It's no wonder why the largest truck show of the new year would be held in such a wonderful place as Southern California.

Resolutions happens to be the show to prove devotion to sport trucks. This year, enthusiasts from all over America drove to meet in wine country of Temecula, CA for the weekend of January 2 - 4, 1998. The most dedicated truckers drove from places as far away as New Hampshire, Texas, and South Dakota!

The "main event," show and judging, started Saturday morning. Even with an overnight rain, and a few dark clouds still hovering overhead, the trucks were quickly cleaned off and wiped down. But a dry truck didn't last long as the rain continued off and on throughout the day. But a little bit of rain couldn't possibly bother a show as big as Reso '98!

For '98, the Resolutions show has held at a new location. The host of the event, Sunset Truckers, chose a spot by Lake Skinner. The large park there provided camping, fishing, and plenty of great scenery with rolling hills, green feilds and trees, and just enough pavement to hold all the trucks at the show.

Speaking of the show, you'll find lots of awesome trucks from the event on the following pages. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlarged version (800x600 pixels).

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