Goodguys All American Get-Together
Pleasanton, CA
Goodguys All American Get-Together

March 28th and 29th the Goodguys Gootimes Association held the 6th Annual Spring All American Get-Together in Pleasanton, CA. With rainy weather over the last few days leading up to the show, the parking area was moved from grass to pavement. But even with a few lingering clouds overhead on Saturday, the car and truck enthusiasts of Northern California still came out in full-force. But when Sunday rolled around, it was a completely different story all in itself. The sun was out and the temperatures were climbing into the high 70’s, and even low 80’s by the afternoon, and the crowds of cars and spectators were packing into the fairgrounds like it was a Rolling Stones concert.

One of the greatest things about the Goodguys shows are that there are trucks from almost every era, from classic rods to current model year trucks, every truck enthusiast is sure to find their favorites at this event.


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