Take the last weekend of Summer, add more than 1,000 trucks, the heat of Arizona, and the cool water of the Colorado River. Mix in plenty of party-ready fans, and voilà! Endless Summer '97. What a better way to end the summer, with thousands of hot trucks, cars, and watercraft.
The show was presented by Seductive, a club that has chapters throughtout Southwestern America. All the events took place at La Paz County Park in the city of Parker, Arizona. The park opened Thursday, September 18, 1997 for early roll-ins, while the main events took place September 19-21. The show attracted over 1,000 custom trucks and cars from the West, and as far north as Alberta, Canada.
Airbags were all the rage at this year's show, with trucks and cars scraping around the park all weekend long. There was plenty of fun on the Colorado River, and truck clubs set up tents all along the river to enjoy the weekend. If the show area got too hot, the river was only a few steps away.
With so much to see, it's impossible to capture everything. The following pages contain 78 pictures of the best from the show. They are split up into categories. You can choose the one you want or just start at the beginning and browse through. Enjoy, and don't miss Endless Summer '98!

Endless Summer 1997


Wild Paint

Trick Interiors

Wild Bed Tricks

Insane Engines

Van Extravaganza

Car Craze

River Action

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