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Super Chevy '97
Ennis, Texas
by Mike Phillips

The Super Chevy Show in Ennis Texas (locaed just outside of Dallas) was exactly what I expected it to be. What I really like about the show here -- and I am sure they do this all over the country -- is the drag strip. Owning a '90 Chevrolet 454SS truck, I tend to look for the trucks on the strip, and more and more are showing up with trucks to run on the strip. This is a thrill to say the least! Super Chevy has always been one of my favorite shows.

Super Chevy opened out here in June. Mid-June was hot, really hot! But heat does not stop the hard core fans like myself. Looking around at Super Chevy, there were venders all over the place. It kind of reminded me of a classy fleamarket, if there is such a thing. All sorts of stuff for trucks, ranging from heads to gas caps. Every one is friendly out there and it really adds to the atmosphere, which quickly gets you in the mood to spend your wife's money! Hey, this is all Chevy stuff, so you want to buy all you see. I managed to get out with around $200, after spending $300 on hats, shirts, and some goodies for my truck.

As far as the static scenery went, there were plenty of vehicles to look at. I really liked seeing all the Impala SS's out there. Those people are a real blast, they really get into their cars, and there sure were a lot of them. The show here in Ennis had a real good turn out on trucks too, with many different models, and each one was definitely a real nice truck.

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